SLR 01

Mounting frame to the plasterboard for a mountage of urinal with a built-in radar flushing unit


  • mounting frames are destined for a plasterboard constructions; it´s a possible to use them for distances between axes of CW profiles from 420 to 625 mm; surface finishing – yellow zinc-chromate; mounting to CW profiles per screws No. M8 with wing-nuts
  • frames are made for a montage of sanitary ceramics (urinals, washbasins, toilet bowls) and corresponding sanitary electronics equipment (automatic urinal or WC flushing unit) to the plasterboard wall
  • screw spacing for the urinal fixing is possible to adjust in accordance with the type of used urinal; holder of waste pipe is sliding in the vertical and horizontal movement
  • all screws for toilet bowl´s  fixing is possible heightly adjust by fixed spacing 180 or 230 mm; single part for the fastening of stainless steel cover with sensor must be mounted so high so uncovered WC seat shall not dim peephole of sensor
Número de pedido 08010
Código SLR 01

Detalles de la entrega

SLR 01 - supply No. 08010 - mounting frame to the plasterboard for an urinal with integrated radar flushing unit (SLP 24, SLP 25, SLP 27, SLP 32, SLP 33, SLP 37, SLP 45, SLP 46, SLP 47, SLP 48, SLP 99)
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